Life is about taking a second look

Marc knew us really well. And he knew we are people who enter into things quickly when we trust and there’s a relationship there. It’s funny, it was Paul who first said “let’s get a cottage” and I’d always wanted a cottage so we just went for it. We’d been through bit of a difficult time and we knew we could trust Marc. Marc was the guy who would just hop in the car with us.

The cottage… I think because of the relationship with Marc, it just felt right - we would not have necessarily gone for that… contacted a real estate agent and said we want to look for a cottage. Our decisions always seem to come in a bit of a ball…we’re not strategic. First the relationship… then the cottage. I know that probably a lot of Marc’s clients  wouldn’t have looked at this place. And in fact, it was on the market for quite a while and we didn’t want to look at it either… it was Marc who said we should take a second look.

We’d gone out a few weeks and were getting kind of tired of looking and it was the end of the season - mid to late November, and it was Marc who said “this is the last one let’s just go take a look at this one.”

And we’d seen it the pictures… they did a terrible job of marketing the cottage.

But we thought about it and we looked at it.

And that was our stage in life. The kids had just left home and it had been tough losing things. We needed a new place and we needed peace because we both had stressful jobs. Marc is the one who said “just a minute… we’re going to go.” And it’s beautiful …

And we were going to get rid of our house in Alta Vista because we thought we needed something new. And Marc helped us and so did Sandra, a lot… but as it turned out we couldn’t stand the process of putting the house on the market. But underneath it all we didn’t want to let go of the house really. We were just looking for a change. So that (not selling the house) actually that was as important as buying the cottage

And Marc did not push us at all.

So we didn’t sell our house! And our kids continue to tell us how happy they are. Nice new paint but so many kids!

Heather Swail & Paul McGuire