Our clients are for life

At La Fontaine & Co., we believe that the home-buying process is not about the transaction, but about the learning experience of buying or selling your home. When joining our inner-circle, a client becomes a part of our family. What does this mean? Browse our collection of Client Testimonials to learn about what it means to work with La Fontaine & Co., take a sneak-peak of seasonal Pop- By Gifts and Client-Family Events, and view the selective list of our Trusted Resources
I will never forget the moment when my husband, Terry, and I asked Marc to come over to discuss immediately selling our home in order to purchase our dream home. Marc looked right in our faces and said, "let's do this!”
There were eight steps that had to successfully happen in order for us to move. Marc is always moving forward so, of course, he had clients looking for a house in our neighbourhood. The clock was madly ticking and, thanks to Marc’s experience, the network he has built and his huge efforts, our family has been in our dream home for nine years.
Marc's heart is full of gratitude; he opens his heart to his clients and it shows in his actions. Thank you Marc!
Penny Thompson