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At La Fontaine & Co., we believe that the home-buying process is not about the transaction, but about the learning experience of buying or selling your home. When joining our inner-circle, a client becomes a part of our family. What does this mean? Browse our collection of Client Testimonials to learn about what it means to work with La Fontaine & Co., take a sneak-peak of seasonal Pop- By Gifts and Client-Family Events, and view the selective list of our Trusted Resources

A better human being than a real estate agent — and a damn good real estate agent at that!

We could mention all the great things about Marc as a real estate agent: his sharp knowledge of the market and neighbourhoods; his unquestioned professionalism; his expert knowledge of the other agent in a potential transaction and how he deftly uses that knowledge to benefit his clients; his genuineness. But two things stand out about Marc.
First, he is extremely successful. Why does that matter? Well, he doesn't give a rat's behind about earning a commission. What matters to him is that his clients get the right home at a price they're comfortable with. Anything less and he'll advise walking away.
Second, he is extremely well connected, and it was thanks in no small part to these connections that we were able to sell our Vanier condo, and with a nice profit to boot. Three years went by after this sale and despite many condo owners in the building wanting out, not a single sale happened. He got us out just in time, and it was because he leveraged his knowledge of some pending legal issues with the condo board to reassure our skittish buyer and their agent.
But if there's a cherry on top of the Marc Lafontaine sundae, it's this: he is simply a wonderful human being who genuinely (there's that word again!) cares about the people he represents, and not just until the sale. A few months after he put us in our new home, we noticed some staining on our kitchen ceiling.  So we phoned our buddy Marc, and instead of saying "what the heck do you want me to do about it?", he said "I'll be right over." So he gets here, goes to our garage to fetch a ladder in minus-30 weather, rummages around our attic and eventually figures out what the problem was.
But it says something about him that a) we felt so comfortable calling him to help us out; and b) he was actually happy to help. He's a great guy to have in your corner. Full stop.
Lee Zimmerman 
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